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About Us


Who we Are:
Montecastelli™ Selections began in 1997 as a brokerage service for a number of small Italian wineries and gourmet food items. With a background in architecture and art, Jens Schmidt found his passion for Italian wines quickly catapulted onto an international platform by specializing in Italian indigenous varieties. Montecastelli, a farm in Tuscany where Jens makes his organic olive oil, Primo Olio, soon became the hub for wine exploration throughout Italy.

In the fall of 2002, Montecastelli Selections expanded its activity by adding a national importing branch in the US, with the express aim to make it possible for wine lovers in the US to be able to enjoy these wonderful limited production wines that recall the sense of history and place that are the beauty of Italy. 
Jens Schmidt is responsible for making Montecastelli's wine and food selections, maintaining close touch with all producers and transmitting his experience to our clients. 

In 2012, national distribution in the US was taken over by Regal Wine Imports to better serve our producers and clients. 

What we do:
We have developed a structure where the vision of the vintner's craft is first and foremost, and where wine education expands the horizon of knowledge into the markets. Ours is an approach driven by education on the new Italian viticulture geography and the people behind it.
These claims are no empty promise, as our 'Il Libretto' program sponsoring Italian indigenous variety research and production of wine has enabled many of our Producers to bring lost varieties back into production.
Our meticulous approach in the selection of wine carries the technical seal of approval by an enologist as well as the stylistic approval of Wine Director, Jens Schmidt, a combination that has quickly earned the trust of many major international importers. Montecastelli Selections is the link between winery and market, between the hands that craft the wines and those that hold the glass.
Our New York Head Office located in Brooklyn, NY, run by Amie Ruditz, is the central hub for all US activity.  From here we coordinate our educational and promotional events and maintain contact with the press.
All Montecastelli Selections are imported and distributed in the US by Regal Wine Imports

Villa Montecastello is located near Siena in Montecastelli in Tuscany. Centrally located for exploring the vineyards of Italy and in the midst of vineyards itself, the Villa serves as our home base in Italy.  Montecastelli is also a frequent destination for our customers for tastings, and is a logistical departure point for producer visits organized with help from our office.  We value maintaining personal relationships which ensure that the Montecastelli wines are the best in their categories and represented by the best importers in each market.
With Jens' German background, we began Montecastelli Selections as Brokers to Northern and central Europe. We continue to develope and service new markets for the Montecastelli Portfolio in Europe.
Our Portfolio:
We are at home in Tuscany and this is where our strength was born: with Tuscan wines and a special focus on Sangiovese. Our target is the undervalued vine growing areas and promising indigenous varietals. It is through these truly outstanding wines that we believe the Italian viticultural map will be revolutionized in future years. In cooperation with Italy's young, leading enologists and viticulturist we carry on every day to encourage vintners to define the best expression of their own vineyards. The success of our work has brought us now into most of the regions of Italy to bring forth a true representation of the diversity of Italian wines. 

With this same philosphy, beginning in 2004, we have extended our knowledge into Chile. 
Our Platform:
Our aim in marketing is to expand the boundaries of knowledge for each wine. The better informed our wine drinking customers are, the more our offerings turn into a journey of discovery through the vineyards these wines derive from.  Our wines function as a tool of cultural exchange between those who craft the glass, and those who drink it! Salute!


Jens in Cantina

Amie Portrait
Amie Rogosin Ruditz, General Manager


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