Food Background
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We believe, simply, that great food enhances quality of life, and are passionate about sharing truly authentic farm to table eating with our guests. This is why we take the utmost care in raising healthy and organic olive trees, vegetables and animals on our farm.

Primo Olio is our award winning olive oil produced at Villa Montecastello, from the groves directly surrounding the property. Every possible effort goes into this carefully crafted oil; hand plowed, hand harvested, pressed within hours at our on site miniature Alfa Laval olive mill, this unfiltered oil smells of fennel and green grass and possesses a lightly spicy finish that clearly speaks of the fresh fruit it is made of: Olives!

Our extensive organic vegetable and herb garden produces enough food to feed all of the residents and guests. It is a continual pleasure to harvest dinner at the end of the day and change our diets according to what is freshest in season.

At Villa Montecastello, we raise Cinta Senese pigs, chicken, capons, donkey and horse that all live in the surrounding property around the villa. Our Cinta Senese pigs are the inspiration to produce our own high end salumi and charcuterie.

We are proud to offer our guests produce from the garden, eggs from our chickens, meat from our pigs and our own olive oil.